man in Boston with grunge hairstyle

Spring 2024 Men’s Hair Trends:
8 Modern Takes on ’90s Hairstyles at Parlor On Tremont

As the vibrant energy of spring fills the air, it brings with it a wave of nostalgia for the iconic styles of the ’90s. At Parlor On Tremont, we’re not just celebrating the return of warmer weather but also the resurgence of retro hairstyles that defined an era. From grunge rockers to heartthrob actors, the ’90s gave birth to some of the most memorable hair trends, and now, they’re making a triumphant comeback with a contemporary edge. Join us as we take a journey back in time to rediscover these timeless classics and reinvent them for the modern man.

Rediscover Iconic Styles with a Modern Twist

Step back in time and embrace the spirit of the ’90s with our curated selection of iconic hairstyles. From bold undercuts to playful frosted tips, these revived trends pay homage to the era of grunge, boy bands, and cinematic classics.